Farid Anvari


Farid Anvari is a Postdoc at the Strategic Organization Design Unit, University of Southern Denmark. His focus is on the impact of hierarchical decision structures on performance in explore-exploit search tasks and how competition affects performance and search behavior.


He received his PhD from Flinders University of South Australia, where he examined whistleblowing from the perspective of a social identity framework, arguing that people’s group memberships shape their self-concept and thus have an impact on their motivations to express dissent and engage in whistleblowing.


Being a postdoctoral fellowship at the Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, he worked on the impact of psychology’s replicability crisis on people’s trust in psychological science and on finding methods to determine the smallest effect size of interest for specific research questions.


For more information see Farid's PURE profile.



University of Southern Denmark

Department of Marketing and Management

Campusvej 55

5230 Odense M



Phone: (+45) 6550 4433


Selected publications:

Anvari, F., Wenzel, M., Woodyatt, L., & Haslam, A. (2019). The social psychology of whistleblowing: An integrated model. Organizational Psychology Review, 9(1), 41-67.


Anvari, F., & Lakens, D. (2019). Using anchor-based methods to determine the smallest effect size of interest for positive and negative affect.


Anvari, F., & 88 author collaboration led by Daniel Lakens (2018). Justify your alpha. Nature Human Behavior, 2, 168-171.


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