Timo Ehrig

Dr. Timo Ehrig joined the Strategic Organization Design group in October 2015. He currently holds a dual position being Assistant professor jointly funded by SDU and the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences in Leipzig, Germany. He bridges SOD's research with the broader foundational research in the Max Planck network.

Timo's primary research goal is to bring realistic assumptions about knowledge,emotion and belief into models of human interaction. One key insight drivingstrategy science is that knowledge is incomplete and evolves, that weproactively shape the world in generative thought. Timo takes this insightseriously and incorporates it in new formal decision models, and novel gametheoretical models of interaction and competition. Timo's theoretical modelswill be tested using human subjects in laboratory experiments.

For instance, Timo strives to find a new, experimentally founded notion ofexpectations. Going beyond the mere understanding of expectations as firstmoments of probability distributions, he incorporates elements such asemotions, beliefs about actions of others, into a generalised model of economicexpectations. Another key aspect of his work is to understand coordination inlarge human systems - e.g. how we coordinate on good or bad outcomes inresolving a financial crisis.

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